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The Compañía Danza Colombia Internacional is a cultural management entity that works for the dissemination and projection of the performing arts. It was born on September 26, 2006 from the idea of its director and founder Gloria Paola Beltrán Granados to form a company that will carry art in its heart, in its training processes and as a life project, in order to promote dialogues intercultural anywhere in the world.


In compliance with our mission, we believe in artistic education as a tool for building a better society, we see in art a path of transformation and personal growth and in dance an alternative way of life. In 2007, the project for low-income children and young people called "Scholarships for life" was opened, offering training in: classical ballet, national and international folklore, and plastic arts. The first beneficiaries of this program were 50 children from Soacha, La Candelaria and Ciudad Bolívar. For 2014 this is linked to the TALENTO KIDS DCI training program, which offers continuous training to boys, girls and young people between the ages of 4 and 14 in salsa, street dance, plastic arts, folklore and ballet; and the DCI Company, which has three levels of training (basic, projection and elite), benefits young people and adults between 15 and 30 years old in folklore, theater, ballet, jazz, street dance, Latin rhythms. In addition to this, we offer classes open to children and adults interested in learning about dance and doing physical activity.

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​Lead the training processes of the new generations of artists, promoting understanding and participation through an educational and innovative program that is shown nationally and internationally.

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To be leaders in the training of scenic and plastic artists of all levels, believing in the simple, not in the complex, saying "no" to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are really important and significant for us: human beings with values and with options for the future.  

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Our Director
Paula Beltran

Paola Beltrán was born in the city of Bogotá in 1988, Master in Project Management and direction in educational management from the UBJ, Bachelor of basic education with an emphasis on artistic education from Cenda, artist and mother of two beautiful children. She believes that in some way she must contribute a significant change to the society in which we live, for this reason in a very hackneyed phrase but very used by her "art can transform lives", during her life it has been her slogan already marked every path and decision you have made on a personal and professional level. With only 15 years of experience as a teacher and eleven years as a dancer, she has evidenced changes in her students through the artistic-pedagogical training processes that she has carried out with them for years. He is constantly learning, which is why he has carried out Significant Learning studies, Seminars on the detection and intervention of learning problems, Courses on cultural management, formulation of cultural projects and cultural policies, choreographic settings, among others; which he has involved with each of the processes he has been in charge of. Along the way, he had the opportunity to learn with Masters such as Fernando Urbina Chuquin (director of the Colombia Folkloric Ballet), Ginna Medina (director of Alma de Tango), Iván Ovalle (Tango), Fernando Gonzales (tango), Jairo Hortua (Ballet) , Tulia (ballet), among others. She received national and international workshops and courses in which the Cultural Industry Dancers stand out - International workshop of experts in folk dance, V World Tango Championship - Technical seminar for women, Canning Hall - Seminar on Argentine folk dances and malambo Buenos Aires, Argentina, Level I Choreographic Assembly, Cancun - Mexico. Fundación Cultural Ballet Folklorico Tierra Colombiana genres such as ballet, tango, flamenco, rumba and updates with teachers from Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, Alma Academy of tango milonga and tango.


She has been the Winner of the Mention for the best teacher preparation Master Level - invited to teach at the next South American championship - South American Universal Dance Championship 2020, winner of the honorary plaque "Best Graduates" of the CENDA university corporation. 2014. Jury of IDARTES district circulation scholarships in 2021. He has worked in companies such as the Christian youth association, Belgran Electric SAS, San Antonio Foundation, Liceo Mayor Andino, district secretary of education, among others. All this has gone hand in hand with the creation in 2006 (with the collaboration of his father Jose Beltran) of the International Colombia Dance Company, which under his direction has carried out various cultural projects that have allowed children, youth, and adults who They see art as a life option, and with which they have obtained numerous recognitions and participations at a national and international level.

and Acknowledgments

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2006 -  2011

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2012 - 2016

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2017 - 2021

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  • Leadership

  • Excellence

  • Responsibility

  • Passion

  • Diversity

  • Quality


We have extensive facilities for the practice of dance, 4 rooms, 1 dressing room, 1 bathroom. All these spaces properly ventilated.


We have extensive experience in teaching and in the realization of each of our shows. All this is supported by the trajectory and recognition of these 15 years of work.

Our staff

All our staff is highly qualified and   certified, they annually receive refresher training in the area of performance

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Paula Beltran


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Fabian Vejarano

Administrative boss

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Leonardo Beltran

Marketing and publicity

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Leonardo Beltran

Marketing and publicity

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Nataly Beltran

Coordinator T.K

Teacher Folclor

Youth - T.K

FOTO 36.png

Felipe Sanchez

Jazz - Contemporary


FOTO 72.png

Sandra Guerra

Latin rhythms


FOTO 74.png

Leidy Meneses

Comercial Dance


FOTO 96.png

Paula Jimenez

Dance Initiation

Teacher Children

FOTO 24.png

Gloria Granados

Plastic arts

Teacher Children

FOTO 71.png

María José Martinez

Ballet / Jazz T.K

Teacher Children

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